How you helped Barkley & Boone become a reality
We are thrilled that everyone who uses our dog leashes, knows they are getting an authentic Barkley & Boone product worthy of the queen and her corgis.

Barkley & Boone

Before I created Barkley & Boone, I would frequent many dog-friendly areas and pet stores. I saw, and experienced leashes that were commonly made out of cheap materials that would often fall apart at the stitching or the snap hooks would break.

Then one day, I decided to search online for better quality leashes and discovered leashes made from paracord. The paracord leashes that I saw looked very basic and most had a very noticeable join just underneath the handle, but they looked sturdy. So I decided to create my paracord leashes that were not only long-lasting but also looked eye-catching.
I had several people approach me asking about my leashes, which lead to me making leashes for them. When my local dog trainer purchased my leashes, she informed me that are they the best leashes she has used, and she wants to include them in her training packages. Barkley & Boone began.
I was concerned that for the price point of the leashes, due to the cost of quality materials, might turn off many customers.


When my dog trainer let me know that her clients love my leashes, and several of them keep my leashes for special occasions. I knew I was on the right path.

I decided I set out to create the most durable dog leashes for the most adventurous dogs and their owners in the world.

It turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

The way I had created the leashes for a seamless look had multiple people ask me if it was the leash was supposed to be like that.’

The feedback..

led me to redesign my entire leash, which ended up being even better than the original.
The most challenging part was getting over the fear of ‘what if the customers wouldn’t come or what if they hate my products’.
Through it all, we released our first products, and the response has been incredible.