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Long Line Dog Leash | 6m | Brass | Black


The must-have Long Line Dog Leash for every dog owner.

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A black long line dog leash is an indispensable tool you will be glad to have.

Also known as a ‘dog training leash,’ they are a popular tool for teaching dogs to recall.

It is an excellent choice for off leash dog training in any environment; It’s durable and waterproof.

At 6 metres in length, this heavy duty leash allows you to keep your dog on a leash while still giving your dog plenty of room to roam and explore while wandering along the local beach.


Our biothane dog leash is one of the most popular products in our Signature Collection.

Lastly, our biothane dog leash features a gorgeous brass trigger hook. It is super easy to clip on your dog and has a much more secure hold compared to the traditional bolt snap hooks commonly found on dog leashes.

In summary, this is a heavy duty leash that’s useful for so many situations that you won’t know how you managed without one for so long.

Use together with our matching Black Dog Collar for the perfect set.


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